Dry + Flaky Skin be Gone!

Exactly a year ago today, I noticed a rash on my hand. It looked like a rash and it itched like a rash, so I decided to let it be. Eventually the itch got so bad and before I knew it – yellow (oil like) fluid was oozing out. It was embarrassing. I couldn’t believe the guy dating me at the time didn’t run the opposite way. Eventually, I started noticing this rash in patches on my legs and arms.
After many visits to my doctors, I was finally referred to a dermatologist. I laid all the information I had. When it started, how I felt, and how these itchy patches reacted to other medications. My doctor looked puzzled and asked if I’ve ever had an outbreak before. Never- I’ve had no history of this happening to me in my years of existence till now. She then said that it was strange for this type of skin issue to develop at my age, but at first glance she knew it was nummular eczema.
I was prescribed some type of ointment, which really helped – but I still felt itchy. Around Christmas of 2017, my cousin gave me a little thoughtful gift – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish. THIS PRODUCT IS THE HOLY MECCA! I swear by it after it worked wonders for my skin. Every other day, after I hit the gym- I jump into the shower and follow my normal routine of washing my face, hair and body. Once I’m cleansed off, I shut the water off for a bit and apply the body polish all over my body (DO NOT USE ON FACE). After I’m done scrubbing the body polish on my body I wait for what I seem to believe is a couple of minutes and then rinse it off. Kiehl’s body polish leaves my skin leaving so soft and hydrated. Once I dry off I moisturize and start getting ready for my day. I have yet to have an outbreak since I started using this product. I La la LOVE IT!
To get your hands on this product click here.

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