Look of the Day

So…why is it still so chilly outside in LA? Aren’t we already in April! Wow, time is just passing us by.

A couple of weeks ago, my best friend (@taramillamena) got invited to an event out at the W Hotel and took me along for the ride. When we got there- there wasn’t an actual event. I died of laughter you guys. I guess when you first start out as an influencer,  its a little hard to determine whether or not the event is a scam or not. Either way, we ended up enjoying a day out in Hollywood. The sun was out and that’s all I needed to take my denim jacket off and pose for pictures.

I got this cute little romper a couple of years back, but I’ve been fluctuating with weight so, realistically I only wore the romper like once prior to this day. I love the lace detail in the front, giving it a lingerie kick to it. This is a perfect romper to style up with denim jackets or no jacket ;).

So overall, I had a great time feeling good about my bod and outfit that day. It’s a great feeling when clothing makes you feel confident. Or I guess in my case, It felt good to finally fit into my romper again.


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