Wine me Away

My 27th birthday just passed, and I went into full recovery mode (hence why I’ve been so MIA). I decided to celebrate my birthday with some wine tasting out in Paso Robles. My cousins, friends and I headed out at 6am from Los Angeles on 4/21/18 and arrived in Paso around 8:45am. It was so early for my liking, but trust me I had my Summer Friday’s Jet Lagged mask on the entire time.

As soon as we arrived into Paso Robles, I was in complete awe. The scenery is beautiful beyond words. We stayed in a motel (YES I said it- a MOTEL) and it was the cutest motel I’ve seen thus far. I recommend a stay at Farm House Motel if there’s any curiosity in spending a weekend out in Paso Robles. They have a cute little garden area where we popped a bottle of champagne in celebration of our fine weekend ahead of us.

Our wine line tour bus picked us up at 10:40am and took us on our way to 5 wineries. Long story short, I had an amazing time tasting every wine on the tasting menus. We stopped to have lunch (which we packed ourselves) at the Eberle Winery. We sat outside and enjoy the weather and the scenery.

There were so many photos taken from this trip, I wish I could share them all. I needed this trip. It was very good for my soul. I laughed so much and created new memories with my gal tribe. I wanted to share my outfit details with you before I close out. I wore a cute cut out midi dress from Express and A New Day Sandals from Target. I paired up the outfit with my YSL clutch, Persol sunnies, and a Kollectin ring.

Hope you guys enjoyed my synopsis of a good wine weekend getaway.




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