What’s On Your Face?

Lately, I’ve been in this “tired” phase. Too tired to make an effort on my face, but still making the maximum effort to keep my skin looking great with skincare (if that makes any sense). I’ve been going with the minimal makeup look, and I kind of love it. Why Kind of? Well, because my lash extensions are all gone, and I have those thin lashes you could barely see. Mascara is hardly even visible on my lashes.

Anyway, one I’ve washed my face I’ve been applying The Ordinary products on my face- they have become a favorite brand of fine. The Vitamin C suspension serum stings for the first few days, but my kin has now gotten used to it (it’s supposed to sting, your skin is just adapting to it). The Vitamin C suspension serum has actually reduced my acne scars, has reduced lines on my forehead, and has made my skin baby butt soft! I then apply The Ordinary’s hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 Serum, which gives me the ultimate surface hydration on my face.

I then add the Red Earth hydrating moisturizer. I actually picked this moisturizer up from Madewell, and figured I’d give it a shot. It smells very spa-like, which I’m okay with. It’s also very light and gentle.

Before applying tinted moisturizer, I add some of Organy’s lash serum in hopes it’ll help my lashes heal after most of my real lashes were tugged off by the extensions. I’ve been using this organic lash serum for about two weeks, and I’ve noticed a subtle change. Full disclosure, I haven’t kept up with applying the serum twice a day. Hope to see better results in a couple of weeks.

The tinted moisturizer that I have been adding to my face is the Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage – SPF 20 from Beauty Counter. My cousin is a beauty consultant for this brand, and she swears by it. This tinted moisturizer definitely gives me some sort of life on those “tired” days. My skin does, in fact, look dewy and it actually makes my highlighter pop a little more. I would recommend this for any on-the-go girl or for anyone that loves the using very minimal makeup.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little snippet of what goes on my face. I could keep going, but this blog would turn into a chapter.  Make sure to check these brands out 🙂


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