Stay Positive

When I look in the mirror, I’m actually okay with what I see. It’s the pictures and angles that make me feel so self-conscious. When I’m feeling insecure about my body image, I always remind myself of the following (yes, I pep talk myself):

  1. “Jeanette, this is your body. The one body you were given life into. Love yourself.”
  2. “You work out so hard to feel good and in hopes to inspire those around you. Don’t give up the hard work.”
  3. “Girl you chose this outfit! You look great! Now go on and rock it!”

My best friend is my photographer 90% of the time. Every time she takes a picture of me, I’ve asked “Wait! Is my belly hanging out? Do I look fat?” She rolls her eyes at me and tells me I need to stop asking those kinds of questions. The tone of voice that she takes clearly states that she is very much annoyed with the questions and my lack of confidence.

It’s so easy to consume yourself into a black box of thoughts, but the most important thing to remember is to build the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Let it be a constant reminder that beauty comes in all sizes, ages, genders, etc. Celebrate and praise your own body at all times.

This year, I made two goals for myself. Work out harder than ever and to build confidence. I’ve kept up with both so far. I do have “off” days- everyone does and it’s normal. These kinds of goals don’t just magically grant themselves overnight. They take time. So, trust the path that you’ve created for yourself and trust time. It sounds silly, but I highly recommend the pep talk and making goals for your road to self-love.

All the best,


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